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Ali Durant

From Kay Street Publishing LLC

Here at Kay Street Publishing, we’re shaking up urban literature. As an equal-opportunity publisher, we are always looking for new authors and exciting narratives. To keep you interested across all platforms, we provide excellent books and investigate film adaptations.

Genre buffet? We got it!

We publish everything from heart-pounding thrillers that’ll keep you up at night to fantastical escapes that’ll whisk you away to another world.

Calling all story weavers!

We’re opening our doors wide in 2024 for both screenplays and manuscripts. That hidden story in your drawer? It could be the next big thing!

Bragging rights, anyone?

 Two of our published titles are practically five-star sensations, racking up awards and leaving readers raving.

Fueled by a lifelong love of reading across various genres, DC native Andrico “Drico” Durant wasn’t just a reader. He was a budding storyteller. This devout Sunni Muslim’s passion for the written word blossomed into a desire to create captivating novels. With a vivid imagination and an unwavering determination, Drico decided to leap and founded Kay Street Publishing (KSP).

Drico isn’t just the founder of KSP. He’s also its inaugural published author. His dedication to his building and publishing house is a testament to the power of perseverance. As a prolific writer, Drico has already authored several novels, with two currently gracing bookshelves and many more on the horizon, keeping readers eagerly anticipating his next page-turner.

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