What Would You Do?(This Title Release date is fall 2024)




After successfully pulling off what was known as “The Itchy Caper” back in the day with his cousin, Kenu, and a trusted few of his closest friends, Ali had climbed to the top of the food chain in the streets of South West, DC. But what Ali had never, in a million years, ever considered happening, was one of his own men turning federal informant against him. Now faced with federal drug trafficking conspiracy charges, and an old murder, Ali scrambles to figure out who it is and silence the informant. But even with all of that, what worried Ali the most about it all was that he now faced the most difficult task of breaking the news to his beautiful wife and children that someone on his team, someone they’d both grew up with, had decided to trade information on him for their own freedom.
WHAT WOULD YOU DO? is about the choices one would make when under pressure,and also when one is left without a choice at all.


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